We love exceeding expectations.

So, here’s a few offers for you!



If you have overcome the typical comments like “Are you crazy?!” “Why would you” “it’s too dangerous for you” and have still made your way to explore the world on your own – We have lots of love, respect & Discounts for you! 
Locomo offers special discounts for women who are travelling completely on their own. 
To avail these discounts please get in touch with us on BEFORE creating your booking


  • These discounts can only be availed by women who are truly traveling SOLO.
  • Only valid on direct (Website) bookings



Planning to intern or work in the city? Looking for a temporary home to find a permanent home? Want to learn yoga or just relax in a city for weeks and weeks? Why stay in the boring flat and paying guest accommodation?
We have a solution for you!

Locomo offers hefty discounts for long term guests.




    Hopping from one Locomo to another?

    We love you the most! Hence, we have the most attractive loyalty programs in stores for you!

    Some of our multi city discounts




    Uni trip? Weekend getaway with friends? We got you covered! 

    It’s much for fun to stay with all your friends in the same dorm rather than the boring private rooms. We offer:

    • Special discounts for University/College groups
    • Discounts for groups staying for more than 2 nights

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